Trading a copy of Halo Reach (XBL code) for armor

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200 $ code for Reach? Yeah... I can give you the two week trial code for that.

no dlc code is worth 200. full game>helmet or armor skin that you will never notice while playing

It comes with the console and that thing costs a lot of money.

the console costs $200 not the code. the code is a bonus not something that you bought the console specifically for, and if you did. then sir, you're an idiot.

But the only way of obtaining the code is to buy the console therefore worth that much. And no I didnt buy the console.

Yeah man like I bought a pizza the other day for 5 and sold each individual slice of peperoni on it for 5.
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My advice is this. Go over to, register, and go to the Trades forum. The site is reliable and the users all have ratings on them for their trades and feedback. Offer up what you have to trade, and people will send you private messages with what they're offering. You'll have to go first since you're a new user, but you can look at the individuals' ratings and see if you want to trade with them or not. This is probably the best way to not get scammed.

Seriously, don't do any trading here with people you don't know because there's no feedback ratings. Just go over there and do it. That site is built around finding good deals on games and doing tons of trades between community members, so you're much better off trying to trade there than here.
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