How did you used to pronounce Sangheili?

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I pronounced it either Sangeely or Sangheely. If you say it quick enough it sounds the same either way. To my knowledge, it's always been the correct way to say it.
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The way Palmer pronounces it apparently.
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these. it's Sang hey lee. an EI makes an "Ay" sound. and Palmer's pronunciation cannot be seen as correct at all, seeing as it's not the only one we've been audibly given. in the episode one cutscene a Saprtan says "sang hee lee." also incorrect, but at least it's closer and shows that Palmer is wrong.

that dumb ***** doesn't even pronounce the H.
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The same.
You could pretty much just sound it out once you figured out their home planet was called "Sang-HELIOS".
Who doesn't know how to say the word "Sang" and the name "Helios"?
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o5pr3y posted...

+1 for cleverness
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I didn't because I have a life