It's nice when you see players who's main colour isn't black or white.

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8Bomberman posted...
why does everyone think color has a "u" in it?

Because that's how it is spelt when typing in non-bastardised English.
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Best color scheme ever, Main: Bright turquoise, Second: Bright Orange. Change your Tag to TANG. You're welcome.
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All English is bastardized.
White and maroon is the only colour combo I use that has white or black right now, usually go with Silver/Cobalt with Gold or Cobalt with Coral right now.
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I use Yellow and Black like Bumblebee from Transformers. :D
It worked well in Reach so I carried it over to 4.
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I'd use Green and Purple like I do with some of me ME3 MP characters but most of the armor doesn't really have much of the secondary color showing
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Silver and Red here. Although ideally, I prefer H3's steel instead of silver. The more recent steel is too dark for my taste.
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I'm pretty sure I'm the only cyan one out there.
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I only play team games so it doesn't really matter as it's red v blue.

But I normally go white/red because Sev from Republic Commando and Mordin from Mass Effect have that colour scheme.
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My colours have always been White and Aqua, ever since Halo 2

Now I have dabbled with other colours, currently I am Peach and Steel, but I like those colours because they look good.
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