IRGush Is Better Than Most Of You

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3 years ago#41
Lith top tier diabetic

3 years ago#42
blite top tier chin
XBL: Sloppy JIVES Twitter: @BJMoulton my 2nd reach tage!
3 years ago#43
3 years ago#44
lith -- top-contributor to Depends adult diapers field testing, velcro shoe sales agent, fingerless glove keyboard warrior

blite -- general wheelchair enthusiast, fannypack admin, tube sock consultant, fedora/chin strap aficionado
don't troll me, bro
GT: cemetery ghoul
3 years ago#45
you seem upset
I'm halp mah team kitty face kitty face :3
3 years ago#46
You seem upset.
3 years ago#47
SterlingFox posted...
Do you guys ever notice that you're all really stupid?

yeah! what kind of dip**** would make friends on a message board they frequently visit???
XBL: Rimshot 415
3 years ago#48
h0b0jo3 posted...
I Like How You Capitalized Every Word In The Title. Good Job!

Being a title, it's actually not a wrong way to go about it.
Dubstep "producers": "Dude I just pushed all these buttons, what's next?"
".....I could push these two buttons AT THE SAME TIME!"
(message deleted)
3 years ago#50
GotThat415Swag posted...
I remember the time I played gush in octagon and out-dmr'd him twice while he was full shields and I was absolute. I also remember the time I beat him when I spent 75% of the game standing still. then there was the time he went 0-27 in classic.

<3333 u gush

I remember that one time I beat you 100-50 on octagon. Trash. Smh.
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