Even after all these years...Halo 1 is still the best halo

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No it's not nostalgia.

Yes it is.

The anniversary edition proved that last year.

That was half assed, and there was no multiplayer, the best part of Halo CE.

It was exactly the same game point for point, only with new graphics. It had the same AI, physics, weapon balancing, and a lot of the same glitches.

If it was half-assed, then Halo CE was half-assed.

Going to agree with this here.
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Halo CE had one thing that all the others (except Halo 2) screwed up with: a balanced weapons system. Halo also had more memorable characters (Keyes, Foehammer), a better sense of mystery, more interesting exploits both in single and multiplayer (I really miss taking Warthogs into crazy places), and funnier Marines/grunts.
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Halo was great until Bungie came along
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