Locus helmet code for trade any goo offers?!

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User Info: bigbadwoooooolf

4 years ago#11
I was waiting for that. I meant "good" but thanks for the bump still interested in trading

User Info: bigbadwoooooolf

4 years ago#12

User Info: Smackdowner1

4 years ago#13
How bout 400 MSP?
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User Info: zaingasm

4 years ago#14
LE avatar armor codes and FUD code?
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User Info: LiquidBrick

4 years ago#15
i have the venator raptor skin/armor from best buy. Best Buy REALLY messed up giving people their codes, and a bunch of people (me included) never got our codes for the raptor skin OR the deadeye helmet. After a LOT of emails, I ended up getting the raptor skin twice, and the deadeye helmet once. As u can guess, I used the deadeye code and one of the venator raptor skin codes, so I still have an armor code left. PM me if u have an interest, and I can provide proof through picture of my email i got that had the code.

User Info: aTaterTot

4 years ago#16
I also have a locus helmet code, emblem and premium theme I'm up for trading, I'm new to this site by the way so any help would be appreciated my gamertag is my username


4 years ago#17
I'm looking for a deadeye helmet to trade. I have one locus helmet, 2 Hazop forest, and one specilization code. I have been spammed twice already. Once for one of the locust helmets and once for the other specilization code I had. So if anyone wants to trade, PM me. I will NOT send out codes first anymore. Once I see that the code you have is actually for the helmet, then I will send the code of your choice from the list above. Thanks everyone.

User Info: Slaughtergod

4 years ago#18
I can trade you a 1-month

User Info: mcchuggernaut

4 years ago#19
Hey bigbadwoooooolf, if your still looking to trade that Locus code, I have something you may want. I bought the Halo 4 Map Pack Pass right before I bought the limited collector's edition of Halo 4 without realizing the collector's edition came with a Map Pack Pass code included. Game Stop would not give me my money back for the first code I just bought after I realized my mistake, and I never used it. It will give you free access to all future map packs, the Strider helmet, the Scanner helmet, and a falcon emblem. It cost me 25 bucks, so I'm hoping to at least trade it for something. I'll check back every once in a while for a few days to see if you or anyone else reading this wants this code in exchange for another one. The site below shows you what you would be getting:

Scroll down till you find "Product Details."
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