Specialisation codes ITT.

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4 years ago#31
I should have it because Im a selfish, lazy, entitled piece of garbage who believes the world revolves around me, and everything should go my way, all the time.

Thanks in advance
4 years ago#32
Im a depserate man, who is stuck at home, just got the sack and this is because im unfit to work because im waiting on an operation. Everythings sucks at the moment and i will have to beg you for this code
4 years ago#33
I should have it because I won't have Halo 4 until the third and **** logic.

Jk, I don't even want whatever those things do.
I'm halp mah team kitty face kitty face :3
4 years ago#34
I don't deserve it, but you should give it to me just to be an ass
4 years ago#35
I need one because I suck at this game and need whatever help I can get.
4 years ago#36
I like chips too.
4 years ago#37
I deserve one because I work hard for the money damn it and you better treat me right.
"See what happen is your friend was trolling you and now you are trolling us coming here with this nonsense."PatrickEwing33
4 years ago#38
Because I once was a spartan until I took a plasma to the knee.
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4 years ago#39
Rick, Pete, Billy, Darkness, Stump, Pool and the Caleb House be finna jonesin. That's why.
4 years ago#40
i should get them because i'm a cheap whore who sold quite a few codes online already!!!

i'm good though, best of luck for those still trying to snag codes.
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