Why don't people use their mics anymore?

#91The DevourerPosted 11/27/2012 10:09:38 AM
Nobody else uses theirs and I don't like talking to randoms. I have like a 48% rep because apparently something like 35% of people review me on communication/verbal behavior even though I never have my mic plugged in to talk to them, so I don't know why I would bother with talking to people when that happens and I don't even talk.
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lderivedx posted...
ITT: nobody knows the difference between antisocial and asocial.

Other people need to use this ladder.
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From: Sahduk | #090
You think you're so smart with your college words and education.

Also, my pancreas works.
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GOT... me... :(
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#95XtypegamerPosted 11/27/2012 10:27:48 AM
Because squeakers frustrate the hell out of me and game chat is filled with foul mouthed racists.
#96gameguy006Posted 11/27/2012 10:31:47 AM
I rather talk to real life friends. Not a bunch of jerks on Xbox live who think the only way to win is to listen to them. I play for fun. If I lose the match oh well.. I know some people take their little game super serious but I don't. Half the time when i'm playing with friends we are having a conversation and only half paying attention. It doesn't make someone anti social if they refuse to talk to strangers online. It's the people that sit at home on Halo all day talking to online stranger that are anti social.
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Oh look, more people that don't know what antisocial means.

From: Xtypegamer | #095
Because squeakers frustrate the hell out of me and game chat is filled with foul mouthed racists.

I wonder if people like you realize that you make your complaint a self-fulfilling prophecy.
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Kage-No_Kaze posted...
The enemy team actually knows what they're doing.

I thought the same damn thing yesterday while playing CTF. I was like, "How in the **** are they so organized and we are just running around like rats in a maze?!"

lderivedx posted...
ITT: nobody knows the difference between antisocial and asocial.

Being a graduate of Psychology, myself, I used to correct people about this, as well. Then I realized that we do this in our culture. We have so many common sayings that are based off of misinterpretation or literal meanings. They become popular (whether they are correct or not) and then they stick. There comes a point when we just look like a-holes, because your average person means asocial when they say anti-social.
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Arcadia__person posted...
^Probably because annoying kids are also annoying to each other. It's not like I'm arguing that only the reasonable people are leaving. I literally never claimed anything resembling "cool" kids leaving-- if anything, from the posts in this topic, things might have gotten better. Like I said, I haven't bothered since Halo 2.

As for your personal experience, good for you, but that's clearly different from the experience of a lot of other people in this topic.

And a "lack of desire" is exactly what I was claiming was the problem. That's exactly why I only talk to my own party. I have a lack of desire to talk to the Halo community in general, fostered by the terrible experience it has been on average.

The broken mic theory makes really no sense though-- it would have been pretty much equally a problem in Halo 2, when people talked all the time, and people still talk in parties. It's not the explanation for the downward trend in communication.

The only experience I've seen people speak of is from Halo 2 so far. Really I guess we need another topic for people to toss out Gamer Tags or something. That way if someone annoying does show up, the whole group knows and said person no longer is a problem.
#100Fart ReaverPosted 11/27/2012 10:44:15 AM
I just bought a brand new mic/headset but still can't be bothered to chat much since it seems no one else does. If I join a game and people are talking I'll chat other wise I just keep muted.
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