all it would have taken was ONE SENTANCE to explain the covenant

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It's because, unlike Mass Effect, the lore is pretty inessential to the core game experience.
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H4's Prologue terminal says some Elites still worship the Forerunners and hate humans right there.

Kwajdelta posted...
What doesn't make sense is the elites who followed the Arbiter in the first place. He was disgraced and was supposed to be on a secret mission. Then he betrayed the Covenant and should have had a death sentence, but for whatever reason a few elites decided to go with the crazy guy.

Remember the dead Elite Councilors in H2? In Truth's move to promote the Brutes, he had those Elites killed. This, combined with the reality of the Halos, led to the Great Schism.
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I felt it was explained more than well enough. What should have been expanded on was the Spartan IV's. Master Chief meets some new spartans and goes hey guys let's go kick butt. He should have said SOMETHING about there being new spartans.
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