So how is this game doing sales/ online player count wise?

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Who gives a ****? You can log on and find matches for anything quite fast. That is good enough for me.
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Anyway... People seem to like it better than Reach, but all of a sudden Halo 2 was the best game ever made, which is obviously nostalgia.

Please dont comment on Halo 2, if you obviously were too young to play Halo 2.


How many players did H3 and Reach have a month after launch?

Well, I was 14 when Halo 2 came out, so I was old enough to play it.

You Halo 2 fan boys only remember the good stuff about Halo 2... It is funny. I remember when Halo 2 first came out and I was reading the reviews and the forums on it. Pretty much nothing but complaining, just like with Halo 4. When Halo 6 comes out, Halo 4 will be golden. It took Halo 2 like 3+ patches to be decent. Then you still had 90% of people using the "noob combo" and people using stand by on their routers.

Halo 2 also had A LOT less competition than Halo 4 does. So, duh, you are going to see a lot less numbers when the xbox live community split in so many ways. Back with Halo 2, it was pretty much the only decent xbox live game.

Wasn't there a site called where people would go to complain about Halo 2? That's pretty extreme to create a site to complain about a game.