200 + free dew xp games

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4 years ago#11
only if we play on exile LOL

seriously what maps would you choose for 1v1 other than haven? i suck badly at 1v1 but i know alot of old reachers played them quite a bit
gt darren reefnugs
4 years ago#12
When are you starting?
4 years ago#13
LOOSE n WRINKLY hit me up
4 years ago#14
I'll play. It'll be easy.
XBL: Sloppy JIVES Twitter: @BJMoulton
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxNhLlXaQMY my 2nd reach tage!
4 years ago#15
Srry guys I changed my mind n threw all the codes away =\ every1 trolled my other topic n I got mad LOL
4 years ago#16
I expected you to pull a Bungie on Bungie Day and make a custom map or gametype that you're guaranteed to win. Would have been best troll.
Xbox 360 GT: evilc100
(message deleted)
(message deleted)
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