Where's my Halo?

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Stop bumping your flopic.

Hmmmmm no
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woookie i have spot open in my party if you wanna play
my halo what happen why are you all borked
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One of my gripes is how I stop moving every time I press Select to see how players are doing.
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Most of these could be fixed by putting out a free forge world map
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<---Halo 3 is that way pal.
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I remember in the earlier Halos, f you shot somebody in the head when they had no shields you got a kill.

Good times.
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I somewhat agree. Game types in this leaves MUCH to be desired. I'm not fond of how wide open most of the popular maps are but that's always been a Halo problem. Weapon balance is poor as hell. I don't have a problem with the vehicle durability though. I think the problem lies with the obscene amounts of damage the DMR and Sniper Rifle do to vehicles. I honestly do think that a balance patch mixed with some additional game types could make this the best Halo yet though.
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You've grown up. Games have to change and evolve. You're just full of nostalgia, when you were a kid and had no responsibilities and could play Halo all day.


Have you ever been laid? It's also another reason, you tend to stop caring about games when you have regular sex.

haahhahah..oh jeez.

anyways, Wookie..I agree. Nostalgia is one thing, for sure. Man though...Everything you said, I want to still play. I give 343 props for making the game feel more like 1/2/3 than Reach did, but the options we have right now are embarrassing. How hard is it to make the playlists good? It hasn't been done since H3.
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Told you so but no one listened.