To those that have BO2 and Halo 4 which is better overall?

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It was a quote from ea a few months back, across all platforms I'm sure.

A few months ago and it was across all platforms? That really makes the number almost pointless.

But my vote is for bf3. Halo 4 is still awesome and I will be playing it for a long time.

Ha indeed. The point was that the game is quite active and will remain so.
I agree about halo 4 as well.

One thing i notice as a big difference in halo and bf is the multiplayer unlock progression is superior in bf. I'm still unlocking stuff in bf. Halo is way more barebones in that department.

That night not be a bad thing though, it makes bf harder, and it makes halo simpler and more about the actual fights.

Both are unique and worth owning.
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So i have BO2 and i HATE IT. Single player was great but i find the online in BO2 the worst. I hate the spawn rates, i hate the guns and i hate the maps.

If i trade in BO2 and get Halo 4 would i see more of the same?

Be a rebel. Wait for Far Cry 3.

Really, looks like a lot of fun. Great reviews, too. If you're not into that, get Halo 4. Lots of fun to be had. Although, you will be playing the same maps a lot. Fortunately, the new maps come out in less than two weeks...I think.
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Halo 4.
Black ops was fun for a short while then it felt like all the titles before that pretty fast, haven't been back on in a few weeks.
Halo 4 is just so fun, spread the spartan ops out during the week, going back on harder difficulties, while this gets my rank up. Then mix different modes of online in with it :D

I also went to both midnight releases, met some cool people for halo (including mc :D) and played on the game there on 16 consoles. Blops was full of underage kids with their parents to buy them the copy, along with a terrible dj.
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BF3 > BO2 > halo 4

There's my answer
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Im playing Halo 4 now and the campaign is dry as hell. I guess I wouldve needed to be a hardcore Halo fan to care about any of what is going on. I guess this is another multiplayer shooter with a campaign tacked on in which case it offers no distinction from CoD to me besides being in space. I guess I'll have to stick to Borderlands 2 for a good single player shooter.
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Havent played blops2 but halo 4s campaign is awesome so far on legndy solo...
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TheSpectre posted...
I guess this is another multiplayer shooter with a campaign tacked on in which case it offers no distinction from CoD to me besides being in space.

lolno. Get out.
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Well, I have had only a couple of matches with connection problems playing on-line with Halo4. With BLOPS2 I have had a few. I will try to play it again this weekend; but, I have been having such a good time with H4 that I have been reluctant to pick up BO2 to play again. In short, opinions are opinions; but, in with my issue, H4 has been more dependable which is based solely on multiplayer "playability" and net performance ... H4 better.
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I didn't really like BF3 because the maps are too big and I spend too much time looking for enemies. I would imagine that BF3 is far better on PC since it allows more players in a game. As for BO2 vs Halo 4, I think Halo 4 is by far the better game.