Made a medium size, symmetrical map to share (images and video included)

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4 years ago#11
dante2k5 posted...
ents since this was made:

- Weapon placement is no longer via ordnance drops. Snipers, Shotgun, DMRs, BRs, ARs, and Grenades are all placed on the map normally, classic Halo style.


Unless you know something I don't, I don't think those will appear in regular slayer.
4 years ago#12
dante2k5 posted...

Are there some areas that really felt like they needed more cover? I tried to put cover where it seemed necessary, but if a certain spot looks a bit bare, let me know where it is and I'll investigate a bit further.

@everyone else:

Hope it doesn't disappoint! And if you remember, feedback is always appreciated :]

After looking at your map again i changed my mind. it doesn't really need anymore cover so it seems alright to me.
4 years ago#13

Yeah, I'm going to reserve judgment until I actually get my hands on the maps, but from how they look, they aren't exactly what I was looking for...


Loaded up a game just now and all the weapons were precisely as I placed them. Works fine.


Haha, nice. That works :p
4 years ago#14
Ya know, I haven't been a regular GameFaqs user for quite some time now (I blame Reddit), so I haven't been able to do this for AGES...

Mother. Flippin. BUMP.

4 years ago#15
It looks great, TC. It reminds me of the Cage Forge map (which I loved) from Reach.

In fact, do you think you could remake any of the Forge World maps?
#Halo 4
4 years ago#16
#Halo 4
4 years ago#17
Haha, sorry! I'm getting ready to go out for a bit :p

First off, that is super cool that it reminded you of The Cage! I actually liked that one a lot as well.

As far as remaking Forge World levels goes, it really depends. Anything that used the actual Forge World terrain might be out of the question, but something like The Cage, where it was built using ONLY forge items, there should be no issue. Forge in Halo 4 was pretty much copied and pasted from forge in Reach, so most of the pieces are exactly the same, meaning that a 1 to 1 remake for something like The Cage would be completely up to patience.

Though if you're asking me specifically, I'd have to say I probably won't remake it myself. I've done a lot of remakes in the past, but I've honestly grown a bit tired of it. I'm so ridiculous about getting everything JUST right, and it ends up taking freakin' forever to try to translate all of the dimensions...

The Cage could be a possibly, simply because there's no guesswork or translating geometry, but even still, I'd need an up and running version of Reach to work from so I can get everything JUST right... and I don't have that ability right now.

Seriously though, I don't believe it'll take very long for a remake to pop up for that level. SOMEBODY out there will have the will to do it, and it WILL be a perfect remake.
4 years ago#18
Thanks for the response man. Yeah, I can imagine it'd be a chore to do, so I can understand if you'd rather develop another original map instead.

I want to start using Forge as well, but I've never really gave it much time in the past, so my knowledge is nearly zero.

Do you think you'd have time to help me with making some maps in the future, or do you have some helpful videos on how to do it?
#Halo 4
4 years ago#19
Unfortunately I don't think I'd be much help. 1) I don't even have time to play as much as I do, 2) I'm not entirely sure how I could help someone in game.

There are a few general tips I could give I suppose.

- When you select an item, hit 'B' to go in to the tools. From there, you can use the Rotation Snap, which I generally set to 90 degrees. This makes it so everything is nice and uniform. And on that note, while you're in the options, USE THE 'EDIT COORDINATES' OPTION! Any time you put down an item, even if you don't need to move it, select edit coordinates. This will set the item so that it is level with any other items you place using that feature.

If you want to get everything to match up the way it's supposed and look clean/natural, then using the Edit Coordinates feature is a must.

- Whenever possible, use something other than Blocks and Walls/Windows as your base items. Depending on the size of your map, Blocks and Walls will run out horribly fast... so finding alternate items to use as walls, roofing, or flooring, is incredibly helpful. For instance, flipping the ramps over reveals a flat surface which can be utilized, and the Large Brace can be used for the same thing. Just stick the awkward end outside of the level and you can use the rest of the piece as a floor or something.

My point is, not all items have to be used how they were intended. If you need a wall, use the bottom of a ramp, and save the blocks/walls for when you REALLY need them! There's nothing worse than completing 90% of your level, then realizing you don't have enough pieces to finish it off :[

- Using 'X' to go in to the item options, you can go down to the 'Object Color' feature and change the colors of different items. I didn't know about this at first, but it's a really useful tool for creating visual cues and just making your level look a whole lot nicer than it normally would.

- Start thinking of things in terms of block size. For instance, a Wall is 2x2, meaning it's the same size as a 2x2 block. Similarly, a double wall will be 2x4, because it is two walls put next to each other. If you make a level with multiple tiers, keeping in mind how tall your walls are is important. If your second floor is higher up than the top of your wall, you'll end up with a funky gap just sitting there.

Basically, just be aware of how much space you're going to need, and plan ahead when placing objects.

Ummm... that's it for now I suppose. There are a lot of other things I'm sure, but really, it just comes from experience. Just be thankful Forge isn't as hard to use now as it was in Halo 3. Good GOD I have no idea how I managed to build so many things in that game. There was no Edit Coordinates, you couldn't Phase items... If I wanted an item to pass through another item, I had to set it to not spawn immediately, then I'd have to place the other object where I wanted it, so that when the first item spawned, it would spawn inside the second object.

There was a TON of trial and error, and it was clunky as hell. Forge is a WHOLE lot better now.

Anyways, if you have specific questions, feel free to ask. Otherwise, my best advice is to just get in there and start putting stuff together!
4 years ago#20
Very helpful. Thank you my good sir. ^_^
#Halo 4
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