This girl plays halo 4, did I play this right at my highschool trying to get her

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Since halo 4 came out its been a blast. There's a game room at my school where we can be bring in xbox ps3's etc and stuff like that. Lately I been playing halo 4 with this girl I know at school every day better and better we get to know eachother. So I decided to make my move. I was like "You play halo 4 amazingly" shes like "thanks, whats your background" obviously I say "chinese and my mom is from viet so basically Im mixed my skin is abit darker" Then I break the ice and say do you wanna start dating? Shes like "lemme think about it" im like we can play team doubles and stuff together and have matching names when it comes out on the play lists. Shes like "idk lemme think about it" Im like kk fine if i'll be here playing halo 4 if you want My sister has a pink controller.

its quite a read but yeah. Maybe she might like the pink controller who knows? were both young im 18 shes 17
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Haha, what a story Mark!
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lol Congrats to you, TC. Hopefully it works out for you.
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"were both young".... you don't say? Haha

If I couldn't tell from the message while reading, I definitely can now.
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When a girl says "let me think about it" she means "get the **** away from me".

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KOA is my fav user
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Blackphant posted...
Haha, what a story Mark!

the randomness of this made me laugh more than imagining his voice
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I wish my school had a gameroom.
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Oh its king of asia the stalker I didnt even notice