Okay, 343 actually wants to help you now if you don't have the code.

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NakedSnake1964 posted...
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NakedSnake1964 posted...
GollyFluff posted...
i tried to reply, but the page won't load

Been trying that for about 2 and a half hours now. It keeps giving me the something went wrong error.

and yet every single time you post it posts on the thread and since thinking that it doesnt go through you guys flood the thread and repost who know how many times.

I have actually checked through the pages and have not seen it come up because it gives you an error and does NOT post what you were trying to post.

Check your profile for recent posts.
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eastgotenks posted...
Looks like if your account is a "child account" you won't get it.

If by that you mean like an Xbox LIVE Gold Family Plan "child account" then this isn't entirely true. I'm on one of those and I managed to get a code.
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They just added in edit options today then? LULZ

Edit but no delete...nice

Oh, no. No edit option. No delete option either. That's as far as I can tell, but as I said, I wouldn't bother looking with the lag and site issues at the moment.

there is an edit option. in your post, where it says "menu", click on that. you can edit, but not delete. I just used it to delete some of the extra info I posted on my two extra posts that went through
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so....did this actually go anywhere?
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Sociopathix posted...
Lol@ people who told me 343 wouldn't cave and fix the issues. Fans win again

Fans outside of europe, yes.
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Thank you for this. I'm level 42, almost 43, and I'd like to start with Pioneer (or whichever one is the XP one).
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Good find! Already posted there, so hopefully they'll help. Recommend this be stickied as well.
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In this world, there was only one way...the Valmanway. But now, there is a better way...the Valmanway +1.
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builder111 posted...
so....did this actually go anywhere?

not yet, but it's still early. hopefully we'll see some magic happen today or tomorrow (or later this week would be ok i guess)
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I feel as if posting in that topic is going to do nothing for me. Time to wait and hope. No Halo till then. :(