Ragnarok is the worst map in the game

#1Paragon049Posted 12/3/2012 12:36:51 AM
Fact. Playing Infinity Slayer on this map is an 8-10 minute nightmare of getting shot across the map by DMRs, nonstop Mantises, atrocious layout, and sniper rifles everywhere. I would rather play on Exile three times in a row as red team than play a single game of Infinity Slayer on Ragnarok. I would rather play Slayer Pro with a bunch of random teammates versus Final Boss than play one match on Ragnarok.

This map was fine in 3, but is unbelievably bad in this game (Outside of CTF) thanks to the changes in the game engine from 3 to 4, as well as the addition of the Mantis and a bunch of new guns. Stop voting for it.
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While I completely understand and respect your opinion, I would have to say that I disagree. Take the time to slightly alter your play style and I'm sure you'll notice some results. Adapt dude!
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#3DoNotPassGoPSMOPosted 12/3/2012 1:12:11 AM
This maps "design" (same with Blood Gulch now honestly) just does NOT work for multiplayer anymore =/

Lets first examine in terms of Halo 3 (no loadouts and such):

If there were AR starts, the map was only fun for the team that took the laser. Each side had like 2-3 BRs, and after they were out it was only vehicles which made any sense to use. The team that had the laser off break was winning for the first 4 minutes, and likely would win later depending on sniper use and who kept laser next spawn.

Let's say we have BR starts now. One team would control the hill, while the other would be pushed to their base. It was a 10 minute standoff game was one team in control (usually of position AND vehicles) and the game either ended in a 2 minute kill fest, or a 10 minute bore fest.

Now we add in the main problems for H4

Having loadouts means that EVERYONE can have a DMR/BR. This removal of any necessity for "pushing" is another argument in itself, but this basically always puts Ragnarok games into the second section above.

An even bigger problem now, however, is the unnecessary amount of vehicles thrown in, with only one TRUE way to destroy them. If you do not get that laser, you become hunted basically for the next few minutes, and you NEED to find a way to push out and control middle for the next (random) drop <_<. And yes, I'm sure i'll hear "Team DMR's put down vehicles easily".... yeah well most people cannot play in teams of 4, and even saying that you all make it sound like they die in 3 seconds. No, a combined DMR assault on a Mantis still takes a good 10-20 seconds at MINIMUM of EXPOSED firing. Not fun

- Loadouts ruin the true essence* of halo, and newer "strategies" and play styles make maps like Ragnarok and Blood Gulch not fun and basically obsolete.
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#4supabillyPosted 12/3/2012 1:14:48 AM
Ragnarok is the best* map in the game
#5JolteonPosted 12/3/2012 1:15:39 AM
"Nonstop" Mantises? That's weird, cause every time I've played, they usually take a while to respawn after getting taken out. And if there's Sniper Rifles everywhere (as well as Binary Rifles, Rail Guns, and Spartan Lasers), it seems like it shouldn't be that difficult to take care of them. Of course, if they're "nonstop", then I guess that's a different story. Maybe you should contact Customer Support, because you're clearly experiencing some kind of bug.
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#6RakesusPosted 12/3/2012 1:17:26 AM
I like Ragnarok, but I liked it better in Halo 3.

I think the only thing really missing is some good maps. The loadouts are fine; it's just that Ragnarok/Valhalla is just plain too open for DMR/BR starts.
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#7Echoe_ACPosted 12/3/2012 1:27:26 AM
DoNotPassGoPSMO posted...

An even bigger problem now, however, is the unnecessary amount of vehicles thrown in, with only one TRUE way to destroy them. If you do not get that laser, you become hunted basically for the next few minutes.

Vehicles are fairly easy to destroy actually. The good old sticky grenade works wonders, theres plasma pistol+hijacking, Rail Guns are good at finishing off half-damaged banshees and ghosts, the sticky detonator is powerful, the concussion rifle is great at stopping everything but the banshee and mantis, snipers actually are armor piercing since Reach, and DMR team shooting wrecks them in a hurry. To say nothing of Ordinance Drops that can potentially net you the Incinerator/Rocket Launcher/Fuel Rod/Spartan Laser

Don't think you are out of options just because you didn't grab the laser at start.
#8JolteonPosted 12/3/2012 1:34:11 AM
Vehicles are definitely much less of a threat than in previous Halos. Not only can everybody spawn with Plasma Pistols and Plasma Grenades, the Warthog Chaingun is now a Machine Gun and much less accurate, Banshee tricks are almost useless for evasive maneuvers, and even Ghosts start smoking and catch fire a lot faster than they used to. On top of that, everyone can also start with a long-distance precision weapon, which makes it even easier to plug vehicles from across the map.

I'm not suggesting that they're completely useless, but they've definitely taken a huge hit in terms of how dangerous they are. In the previous games, if a fully loaded Warthog was in the area, you'd try to stay in cover to take it out. In H4 it seems like people almost eagerly start bounding towards it.
Is this finally a conundrum that CAN'T be solved by helicopter theft?
#9imbadger1056Posted 12/3/2012 1:36:56 AM
After getting my first two perfections earlier I have newfound fun on this map. Teams work wonders. Getting the splazer at the start is key.
#10Urdnot_RuntPosted 12/3/2012 2:20:07 AM
Everybody's a game design expert around here

Ragnarok is a big awesome mess. If you're not having fun on this map you're doing it wrong. /thread