to all who have an android phone. (locus helmet)

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3 years ago#21
My useless phone can't run the app. If someone winds up with a few extra codes or is feeling generous, PM me. All I can offer is gratitude, though.
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3 years ago#22
Fun fact you can do this on a computer. Just use bluestacks and download the location spoofer and the koth app, then do everything else the same.
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3 years ago#23
sweet thanks
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3 years ago#24
Machspeed2 posted...
LOL. Started doing this, got six locations and then got a message in my inbox. It reads:

"Unauthorized use of a teleporter detected. Further actions will be disallowed. Contact ONI at"

Didn't want your stupid helmet anyways!

You got too greedy... delved too deep.
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3 years ago#25
SuperStick posted...
for some reason, every time I exit the spoofer app, it shuts itself off

It did that to me the first two or three times I put coordinates in, then it worked normally after that. I don't know what caused it, though. Keep trying, I guess?
3 years ago#26
Hi everyone I've already gotten 2 locus codes one for me and one for my lil brother, I'm using a deactivated phone with wifi to avoid the issues and I'm debating on earning more but it take 12 to 14 hours due to the limited number of stores in my area. id be willing to trade for double xp as i could still use 178 matches or xbl gold time (not trials) or ms points. ill have to earn them again so if you do want to trade it will take me at least a day. let me know if you are interested via private message.
3 years ago#27
My droid won't run the app either... Piece of junkola.
3 years ago#28
also for those of you having trouble with the location app, I use "Fake GPS". i haven't had an issue with it and the max hills ive had at one time is 12.
3 years ago#29
Nice stuff. Thanks. Setting it up now to see how well it works. Lots of 7 11's around me but sitting at home is easier :P
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3 years ago#30
If anyone has a spare code I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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