I remember when...

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Back in the early 2000s, a LOT of parents were more strict about what games their children play. Now they are a lot more lenient. It's borderline bad parenting honestly. Even my mom lets my little brother (12 in January) play M games. She friggin let him buy Gears of War 3 0_o Luckily he isn't the typical xbox kid who yells obscenities.

Halo 4 has a very big, young crowd now, as do many other video games.
Same goes for cursing now. In the early 2000s it was pretty frowned upon. Times have changed, less people care whether you curse or not and it has almost become part of normal language.
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when you think about posting stuff like this... just stop and then don't

wow, what a douchey thing to post. The dude made an actual point, you just made yourself look like a jerk.
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CKnight posted...
I remember Halo being rampant with racism during the time of the so called serious players. Now, not so much.

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