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4 years ago#1
How do I create an open game for people to join?

I see that I can join games from the current episode (5), but I see no way to:
- Join games from early episodes
- Create open matchmaking games

Can someone help me out?
4 years ago#2
No? :(
4 years ago#3
The only way I know of is invite people to your lobby and then pick the old episodes. Sorry.
Gt Shrek81
4 years ago#4
As I understand the system, it is not possible to have random people join you (or you them) for episodes of Spartan Ops that are a week or more old. The system only appears to let you join the current week's SO. However, if you have someone join your party you can take them with you into that older episode.

In regards to the second, if my understanding is correct, joining a game from that screen actually starts up a new game that will look for others to start a fresh level. I could be wrong about that one though.
We want join S.T.A.R.S.
4 years ago#5
I don't suppose there's a group of 3 of you who want to play Episode 2 through 5, start to finish, on Legendary with me tonight? <3
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