This Binary Slayer custom looks extremely fun

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3 years ago#41
The way they set it up is garbage. I made my own version of it that removes the sword and the infinite thrusting, but keeps everything else the same. It adds bottomless clip to the Binary and stronger melee attacks, so you can still one hit, but it isn't as cheap as thrusting around with the sword. Makes it more in the spirit of instagib.
3 years ago#42
YoukaiSlayer posted...
Yeah it was fun. Would be nice i think if you upped the speed. Sniping was way easier than trying to sword people and not very hard,

Yeah, I thought this too. I think I'll up it to 200% next time.
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3 years ago#43
170% speed, 300% jump height, 150% gravity is pretty fun
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3 years ago#44
Player speed and jump height set to max and gravity at minimum is pretty funny but just about unplayable.
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3 years ago#45
The games last night were fun and I'd definitely play it again. Very chaotic especially when you're sword dueling with 1 or 2 people and can see the red lines from the binary rifle being aimed at you :D

I'd like to try it in teams next time.
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  3. This Binary Slayer custom looks extremely fun

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