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out of the 3 active Halo's, which has the best mm? (Archived)
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So whatever happened to Spartan Ops? (Archived)
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Spartan Ops Episodes 1-5 (Archived)Synn135/1 12:00AM
Norcaltrentorimswag-percussionshot415650 is the reach GOAT (Archived)
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Just bought the War Games Map Pass and... (Archived)SilphSpectre44/29 2:10PM
Has anyone lost the will to play this all the time? (Archived)
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question to the people who played h2 (Archived)MightyDiesch64/28 10:55AM
Looking for players to help do a Legendary runthrough (Archived)Legendary_Musas24/28 7:44AM
Locus Helmet code please (Archived)Shadowspektrum34/28 12:44AM
New to FPS games - any advice? (Archived)
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HelloDaaaave214/27 8:07PM
why do i get so many clan invites to this game? (Archived)spicy_badger74/27 6:00AM
I am about to Halos, and SO CAN YOU! (Archived)
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Why does everyone love Lockout so much? (Archived)
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Epsilon Eridani Clan Recruiting (Archived)
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Halo 3 (Archived)majinstrach14/25 11:48AM
no way to lower the music volume? (Archived)Xbox-36O74/25 9:52AM
Anyone up for some halo 3? (Archived)timberwolf786934/24 11:06AM