What do you think is the worst specialization?

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3 years ago#11
pioneer because it does literally nothing
3 years ago#12
Stalker hands. Down.
3 years ago#13
I'd say the one that increases turret damage.
Whichever that one is.
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3 years ago#14
xxBloodBathxx posted...
Pioneer, easily.

yup. It's good to get out of the way first and you can use fast track with spartan ops to gain extra xp
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3 years ago#15
thethirdthought posted...
Pioneer for 130, stalker overall.


Stalker's armor mod is so useless...
3 years ago#16
People saying Pioneer? Are you insane!? The total value you get out of Pioneer's EXP boost if you do it first is most likely going to completely outweigh the utility you get out of any other specialization over the course of your entire Halo 4 career.

What, you think that just because something doesn't work once you're max level that it's useless? Pardon me if I say poppycock. POPPYCOCK!

Pioneer will save you a ton of grief, and just how long were you expecting to play Halo 4 anyway, such that you'd feel that a fast-track to higher level is somehow the "worst" specialization you can have?

A specialization that is only useful until max level is still far more useful than a specialization that is useless the entire way to max level and continues to be useless beyond that. (I'm talking about Stalker by the way.)
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3 years ago#17
Definitely Stalker. If it actually showed who shot you (like the official description says it does) and highlighted the enemy that killed you for longer than 2 secs then it might be usable.
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