Sad your favorite multiplayer map wasn't remade by 343. Guess again

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User Info: unrivaled20

4 years ago#1
With halo forge just about every map can be remade, It fact with a little search on file share, currently only by gamertag you can find your favorite map, So here's whats out there so far. If i have two of the same map ill post the one i like most first

The Pit- Big Papa SaLot
Sanctuary- Hadjek du 25-tymelapse
Lockout- Ash55
Guardian -thuum
Elongation-Tallt66-lethal oman-his is more open but less accurate
Construct -Challengxr
Foundation -regardlessdolan
Colossus-MO LICIOU5
Cold storage -Challengxr-theelderacorn
Boarding action- longridr
Ascension- Mx 957
Sandbox- Hadjek du 25
Warlock/wizard- Regardlessdolan
Turf -icanopy

Gridlock-From gears of war-Cammy carmine
he also has a subpar onslaught map

The maps arent perfect but they are pretty awesome in my mind. If any person has removed their map from file share i suppose i could do it from mine. But if your getting board of the same old maps why not play some new old maps.

User Info: gamester091

4 years ago#2
The title implies that 343 remade the maps, but you just link to people that sir, are misleading.
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User Info: Microwave_Oven

4 years ago#3
Ascension: MX 957
GT: Thumtac
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User Info: imthestuntman

4 years ago#4
im going to have to check these out. thats awesome though
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User Info: Viper_XLT

4 years ago#5
Thanks for posting it.
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User Info: X250

4 years ago#6
f*** yes Wizard.

User Info: rcommee

4 years ago#7
Cool post, TC. Appreciated.
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User Info: Who_ate_the_pie

4 years ago#8
You are now tracking this topic.
I don't care.

User Info: MetaIGearRex

4 years ago#9
My sarcastic tone doesn't translate over the Internet, which makes me sound like an ass. Usually I mean no offense.

User Info: Pizza711

4 years ago#10
Thank you very much for this!
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