Sad your favorite multiplayer map wasn't remade by 343. Guess again

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Wow, Boarding Action blew my mind.
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Microwave_Oven posted...
Ascension: MX 957

does that not work. I might do a little tweeking to the maps and upload them all on my file share soon.
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The Pit remake was effing amazing, I was impressed. Tracking this topic.

Checking out more. It's times like these that make me wish 343i would chuck some of these into the rotation and be all like "Here. We felt like being cool."
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tagging, interesting
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irrelevant info

misleading topic
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Definitely tracking this topic. I'll hopefully start downloading some of these tomorrow.
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the title of the topic is worded so that it could be taken the wrong way, but I don't think it was deliberately misleading... "Disappointed that your favorite map was not remade by 343?" this is to say... 343 did not remake everyone's favorite map, and people are disappointed by this fact. "guess again" as in, you need not be disappointed, there is an alternative solution to 343 not making the maps.

so, to paraphrase, I believe the TC was trying to say "Are you disappointed that 343 did not remake your favorite map? well, don't be"

then the content of the post is a list of remakes, ie, the reasons you needn't be upset.

give the guy a break, whenever someone types something up, inflection and nuance of voice is lost, and for something in text to be misinterpreted is not misleading, it was just read out of context.

The grammar is correct, too, the question is, "Sad your favorite map wasn't remade by 343?" this does not imply that 343 remade any maps, it merely asks if you are sad that 343 did not remake it.

"guess again" this refers to the sadness, not 343, so he is not saying guess again to imply that 343 remade any maps, he is saying guess again, don't be sad.

this is a great compilation and a great resource, thanks TC, and don't listen to people who read something wrong, and then call it misleading.
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Who_ate_the_pie posted...
You are now tracking this topic.

How kind of you to write this for everyone else that's going to do this.
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Can't remake sand trap. Or anything with the brute weapons besides gravity hammer or anything with hornets, etc.
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HellsController posted...
How kind of you to write this for everyone else that's going to do this.

You're welcome.
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