Melee damage the same with all weapons?

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3 years ago#11
Killean_Nuggets posted...

It's not a sword.

It's a key that when you stab someone you unlock their death
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3 years ago#12
Sociopathix posted...
It's not a sword.

It's a key that when you stab someone you unlock their death

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3 years ago#13
The old brute weapons had a small melee damage increase, but not enough to severly impact a fight. Damage boost makes melees a one hit kill. And all weapons do the same melee damage.
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3 years ago#14
Wish they had assassinations when the Brute Shot was around. Would like to have used the spike to impale someone.
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3 years ago#15
I think the only weapon to ever have a melee damage boost was the brute shot.
3 years ago#16
Wasn't jump + melee = one hit kill, in a previous Halo?
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3 years ago#17
Yeah back on halo 2, jump melee with rocket launcher was a one hit kill. That's all I remember. I think melees did different damage depending on if you were standing, running, or jumping. Could be wrong about that bit though.
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3 years ago#18
Same damage besides Sword and Hammer. However, I do think you have further melee distances with certain weapons. I'm not positive though, but it just feels like every-time I melee someone with the Magnum out, I seem to lunge pretty damn far before hitting them.
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3 years ago#19
Ultima_Wraith posted...
Asherlee10 posted...
Well, besides the Hammer and Sword. That's obvious.

I'm talking about other weapon melee. Does the pistol melee damage = BR melee damage?

I like to pretend the needler does more by stabbing them with the needles, but this isn't true in any sense, I think it's all standard and if you hold the button you assassinate anyway from behind.

I've waited 11 years to see an animation of Chief smacking someone with the needler and having the entire gun sticking off the side of their head.
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3 years ago#20
It's not the same.
They are similar, yes. But like your girlfriend and your sister, someone is gonna be pissed if you mix them up.
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