So what do I do with the specializations once I've unlocked them?

#1xChaos001Posted 12/5/2012 9:03:58 AM
I entered in the code, what next?
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You have to get to lvl 50 before you can start using them.
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Get SR50, pick one, max it, pick another, max it, etc.
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xChaos001 posted...
I entered in the code, what next?

Reach rank 50
go to Spartan hub
Press up to go to career.
Pick a specialization.
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If you entered the code through the website, check your active downloads & it'll be there for you. Otherwise you should just be able to select whichever one you want once you hit 50.
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Ah ok. Thanks for the quick response.
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You level until level 50. Once 50 you can go to the specialization window and choose which one you want to do first.

All specializations and weapon skins

During this segment the following happens
1. You cannot go back and change your mind. You must complete all 10 levels before you can change the specialization.
2. Everything is a set order when it comes to unlocking

You gain emblems and backrounds first
Level (2-4) You gain the armor (Chest, shoulders, Helmet)
Level 5 Is the weapon skin
Level 6 Is the specialization visor
Level (7-9) Is the armor with a texture skin
Level 10 is the actual perk
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