So like... how many spartan ops missions re there going to be

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I believe I read somewhere that they already had a season 2 and 3 confirmed, I dont understand why people dont like it as much as firefight, its fun for what it is, its not suppose to be something that you just play over and over again, its a story driven gametype, and people crying that it uses the same maps over and over dont get it, they story involves things happening in those areas, so it makes sense they have to go to that area to do something again, depending on the story goes they will probably have something else happen and in a new season have another set of areas the story will be focused around

I think you answered your own question there. It's not meant to be played over and over again... thats the problem. People want good co-operative multiplayer (because let's face it, there's only so much you can take of "competetive" players in a week before you hate humanity.) but Spartan Ops doesn't fill that void adequately. Spartan Ops is that thing people log in on Monday to do, then don't bother touching ever again until the next episode is out. You play it once then done. Firefight for whatever reason never felt like that. You could play Firefight every day of the week and not get sick of it. In a weird sense the writing (albeit not very good) behind Spartan Ops makes it alot easier to feel like you've been there done that already than I ever felt making up my own stories for defending areas in Firefight.
Not to mention that Halo Reach's Firefight on Heroic was a MUCH better challenge difficulty wise than Spartan Ops is even on Legendary. The balancing for 4 players was done extremely poorly, as if all the levels and enemy spawns were only designed for 1, maybe 2 players. With 4 everything just dies in a hail of bullets. The infinite lives remove ALOT of the tension Firefight Limited had too. Especially when you get players in matchmaking who's main tactic is to spam greandes, die for more grenades, then spam them again.

Eh it is what it is, every monday i get on, play spartan ops with my friends, and have a blast, the rest of the week I play war games, and also have fun with my friends, either way I personally enjoy spartan ops