so, the game has been out exactly a month.

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4 years ago#21
'' If your heart is bleeding make the best of it -- there's heat in freezing be a testament '' ..
4 years ago#22
Valentino16 posted...
got it at midnight launch, I'm at 45. I hardly play, with all of the other titles I've been waiting for coming out.

same, except like 36 or so. the MP has really gotten better recently though its more team tactics than everyone just running at eachother. its not so messy now, which is what i liked about reach it was like team tactics on the go not just frantic running and gunning at the other guys immediately. though im sure plenty of level 70+ people play like that running on mental auto-pilot worrying about getting as much xp as possible as fast as possible. this is also what bothers me with COD prestigers. its like they are worried about the destination not the journey
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4 years ago#23
51, got it at midnight too.

I really feel there are a lot of people with no lives. 130? Really? Pbbbbt...
4 years ago#24
SR68. I stopped for ages when I wasn't getting a spec code. Then someone gave me one two nights ago :D
"Oh bother," said Pooh as he chambered his last round.
4 years ago#25
41. Saw someone with a 130 rank earlier this week though. I cannot imagine how long that took.
4 years ago#26
67, I first played launch weekend
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4 years ago#27
im gud :3 telepot u
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  3. so, the game has been out exactly a month.

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