Funniest gamertag you've seen thus far?

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4 years ago#41
Oprah Winfree, probably. That's the first I've seen that I had an audible chuckle about.
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4 years ago#42
While I have a PS3 but I have watched a friend play his Xbox360 and seen a weird gamertag of BeefNCheddarness. That was when he was playing CODMW3, and when I was playing that game on PS3, I seen one but I don't think I'd be able to post it then not get modded for it.
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4 years ago#43
A level 99 Jew with Jew as his service tag


4 years ago#44
I remember a GT in Halo 3 called "Over 9000 Hobos" and when you killed him it said "You killed over 9000 hobos"
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4 years ago#45
4 years ago#46
i saw it while playing H3 years ago and it still makes me chuckle.... my hairy back
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4 years ago#47
Your Mom's OBGYN.
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4 years ago#48
4 years ago#49

may have had other letters/symbols in it
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4 years ago#50
jesse_skater posted...


DrSa99yBa11s just now.
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