What if Chief still sounded like this?

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4 years ago#1

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4 years ago#2
Wow, what happened. Half the stuff in that trailer didn't make it into the game. Energy sword, wildlife, a revanant, elites with a hand shield. Not to mention that whole scripted sequence never existed in the final cut.

Good find.
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4 years ago#3
Makes me wanna play Anniversary with Classic mode on.
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4 years ago#4
My god does that look awful. Can't say I have nostalgia goggles on when I watch that. Lol
4 years ago#5
Technically that isn't Halo. That was one of the Beta builds for the Macintosh that Bungie was initially planning on. Once Microsoft bought them, they wanted an FPS not an RTS, and a year to do it. So lots of assets dropped, for the better.
4 years ago#6
So what you're saying is that was an early beta of Halo Wars
Halo 4 Double XP - sbaked7@gmail.com
4 years ago#7
and now i want elites to have jackal shields more than even now.
4 years ago#8
I was looking for this vid. Thank you.
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4 years ago#9
Man, I know Master Chief's a cyborg, but that voice... He sounded like a higher-pitched T-1000.
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