spartan ops repetive and doesn't make sense? (spoilers)

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4 years ago#1
if you can drop precision ordinance drops, you can drop a bomb onto them. where is our air superiority? that first cutscene make it seem like the unsc demolished 90% of the rogue covenant fleet. why am i still being bombarded by phantom dropships 24/7.

furthermore, WE KILLED YOUR BOSS. who is giving you orders?!?!?!?!!? (prometheans that is)

although, i guess that could be explained by the fact that covenant got there first and have "dug in" everywhere, and that frigates can't get "into" the shield world atmosphere to start bombarding it. but no, that doesn't make much sense, i mean we always see it's open, I don't think they're at risk for a gravity well anymore, and pelicans are doing mostly fine. so either frigates or even the freakn infiniti could probably go in there and start wrecking s***

flame shield up, but if you have serious counter arguments/explanations please go ahead.
4 years ago#2
Because it seems like they waited 6 months to go back to Requiem. During that time the Covenant, as it seems, probably started taking over the planet from the inside. Pelican's can probably get in due to stealth shielding. And the mystery around the Promethean's is what we're wondering too, we'll find out later. Also, most places have valuable stuff that the UNSC could use meaning bombing the places aren't a good idea.
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4 years ago#3
ok that's fine and dandy but i just finished a mission where a covenant cruiser was heading straight for me. only until a giant covenant cruiser is coming at me do they decide to ONE shot it from some random location. they weren't even at risk and it wasn't even close! why couldn't they do that sooner?!!??!?!
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  3. spartan ops repetive and doesn't make sense? (spoilers)

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