Havent played Reach or this one yet.

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User Info: TaKun782

4 years ago#1
I was never that much into Halo. But since i have nothing else to play at the moment until x'mas, i thought i should go out and pick up Reach and Halo 4. I di very much enjoy the stories these game shave to tell. Now would i be doing my self a disservice if i havent played Reach and Halo 4 yet? I care deeply much for the stories in games and i was wandering if Reach and Halo 4 took it up a notch by any chance to see if its worth getting at the moment? Like a, "must have"? lol
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User Info: SThiefN

4 years ago#2
skip reach, buy this
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User Info: SeikenZ

4 years ago#3
If you can get Reach cheap, I'd definitely give it a try. It's just fun to experience what happened before Halo CE. Halo 4 is not really a must have imo, but very fun nonetheless.
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User Info: thehelpfulgamer

4 years ago#4
Eh. It's debatable. I didn't care for Reach's campaign, but a lot of other people did. Same with this game.
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User Info: And2fosho

4 years ago#5
Both campains are much better than Halo 2's and 3's. Halo: CE still takes the cake for best single player though imo.
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User Info: X250

4 years ago#6
I really liked Reach's campaign gameplay wise, but the story wasn't all that.

Halo 4's campaign is pretty good in all aspects.

User Info: NoDozTweaker

4 years ago#7
Reach is a darker storyline like ODST was and halo 4 still has the halo feel but is different as well (it IS made by 343 instead of bungie). I enjoyed both just letting you know they aren't quite the same as 1-3

User Info: CKnight

4 years ago#8
I thought Reach was very good. I really enjoyed the campaign and multiplayer but its still going for $30 at Gamestop and probably a lil cheaper online.

Also you can always get Halo 3 which is good and holds up well against Reach and Halo 4.

User Info: Protoman_X38

4 years ago#9
Halo 4's campaign is the only one in the series that I actually had a disliking towards. Don't get it for the just the campaign. Halo 4 is good overall, but imo it's a step backwards for the series.

User Info: TaKun782

4 years ago#10
Hmm, good responses. I think ill just get both after all. And im just about to play ODST. What should i expect out of that one story wise besides it being short?
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