Carbine, BR, DMR

#1PvtKezia89Posted 12/7/2012 11:17:50 PM
Which do you prefer and why? reason for the discussion is i usually rock the DMR but have a current taste for the carbine, the accuracy is unbeatable if you're good at strafing
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#2ShinraHQPosted 12/7/2012 11:21:10 PM
I use the BR mostly. I find it does well at mid to close range, and it does OK at long ranges. I know that the DMR trumps at long range, but I just... don't like it. I don't really know why.

Oh, and I also use the Carbine for close range head shots. I just pull the trigger a lot and go for luck rather than accuracy with it.
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#3PvtKezia89(Topic Creator)Posted 12/7/2012 11:24:49 PM
i feel it depletes shield the fastest due to fire speed
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#4lron_SpidermanPosted 12/7/2012 11:28:17 PM
DMR all the way!!!!
#5LeDerpinaXDDDPosted 12/7/2012 11:36:54 PM
storm rifel
#6halorecon87Posted 12/7/2012 11:38:47 PM
I stick with the dmr and carry a magnum to deal with the br when they get too close. The carbine just requires too many shots to break a shield.
#7unknown_suspectPosted 12/8/2012 1:21:04 AM
DMR cause it ****ing looks and sounds better than any of the starting weapons.
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#8VeluxierPosted 12/8/2012 1:30:52 AM
None of those. LightRifle all the way.
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#9MightyDieschPosted 12/8/2012 2:11:55 AM
BR in SWAT. DMR in everything else
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#10GuideToTheDarkPosted 12/8/2012 2:21:00 AM
BR or lightrifle depending on the map/type. LR kills fastest at a range, and I use BR almost exclusively with dexterity/plasma pistol, spam dat noob combo.

DMR's good and all, but it's too middleman. The other rifles do work more efficiently for the proper role.

Carbine sucks.
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