Just made a kid cry. Was I wrong?

#1Help_OnePosted 12/8/2012 1:18:06 PM
So we were playing infinity slayer on haven and some kid n my team foolishly calls in an ordinance even though there is a red dot in the area. Well, the bad guy throws a grenade and just WRECKS the kid within seconds, since the kid was fixated on running to the drop. Well,then its just me and the bad guy and I am able to barely kill him, and I proceed to take the drop.

As im taking it, the other kid who died earlier came sprinting to the spot and saw me take it. He then started whining about it like "WAIT YOU CANT TAKE THAT, ITS MINE!"

Well, I obviously was l ike "uh, but you died and I didn't want them to take it." So he says "WEL LYOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED AND DEFENDED IT FOR ME. I WORKED HARD FOR THAT AND I FINALLY GOT THE SAW AND I HAVE WANTED TO GET IT FOR A WHILE YOU POS. (abbreviated)."

Well this continued, and he eventually started to cry. At this point there was nothing I could do, I couldnt even give it back to him because I had died with it.
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*plays a sad violin song*
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This happened
#4AzeiryousPosted 12/8/2012 1:20:51 PM
wow such a meanie help1

new name is help Minus 1
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That's the single funniest thing I've heard about this game.

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Hi help1!
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LOL "he was like," I worked hard"" haha Hahahahhahaha no man. You were totally right. I hope you were blues team :)
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lmao. Thats funny.

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If get something I know I'm going to be rubbish with, like a sniper rifle. I drop it near a team mate, let them do some good with it.

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Also you should have smacked the kid, real Spartans don't cry.
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Honest answer for the TC-- If it was me, I would feel bad that I made some kid cry, but I'd also know that I didn't do anything wrong. You took an ordinance drop from some guy who just died, who cares?

Frankly, this is all the fault of that kid's parents. He should clearly not be playing halo. >_>
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