Count the people....

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QQ I don't like it when people call me out on my bad posting.

Wow, acting like an idiot is easy!
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jonathonriver posted...
I donít mind the Hail Maryís as much when itís a nice distance throw. What does grind my gears is when you look through the tools of destruction at the end of a match and see a guy with 8 plasma grenade kills. Do you even attempt to shot your gun?

It's not so much a matter of not trying to shoot my gun. I absolutely love grenades in general, and stickies are my favorite. Usually, I end up with 6 or so plasma kills from doing stuff like PP/sticky comboing full warthogs, or luring an anemy around a corner to a plasma I place out of sight on the ground for them to step on right when it explodes.

I find stickies to be fun, and thus, I use them as often as I can, and whenever I see an opportunity to get a kill with them.
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I do it all the time, I do not find it at all cheap.

A guy gets a jump on me, sure. I know that he started shooting me first and shooting him back would be pretty pointless at this point so I try to stick him. Makes perfect sense to me. Also when I'm in camo I will usually stick someone in the back instead of risking getting close enough for the assassination.

Fight me.
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lol at the baddies attacking derive

Gush I have a bunch of hail mary's ur terrible
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Good lord the things kids cry about these days. Play on bumper jumper... They'll never stick you out of the air. Very easy to kill them if they try
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lol at the baddies attacking derive

I just realized the first guy to get mad at me was the guy complaining that he actually has to use his gun now.
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