First time using a mic for this game

#11NovaLevossidaPosted 12/9/2012 1:51:40 AM
My personal favorites are the people playing 1 on 1 fighting games who whine as you beat them and the people on FPS games that constantly belittling their team and constantly yelling "YOU SUCK!" when they're near the bottom of the scoreboard.
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12345sniperz123 posted...
Just wondering if what I experienced was a typical FPS person(s) since I am not usually one.

The people were rude, loud, found fault with and insulted anything and everything they could. Of course piggy backing off each others comments to impress each other, sort of a gang (I'm too cool for school) mentality. It was quite a sad spectacle, is there no mature people who can just have a nice conversation or strategically talk?

You know what you can do to stop this from bothering you? Hit yourself on the head with a hammer to remind yourself that your playing a GD video game...I mean seriously what do you expect? Just quit all this whining.
#13Clayton_RyanPosted 12/9/2012 2:47:02 AM
Well I am actually one if those people that will tell at sorry teammates, while I am at the bottom of the list. What you inexperienced people seem to not understand is that when I have a team of idiots letting themselves get steamrolled, not putting up any interference at all, I am always left fighting two enemies, if not the whole team.
I can see my teammates either waiting to take the last shot and hog kills, or they are just spazzing and missing their shots altogether.
I know this may not be the case EVERYTIME, but most people are actually justified in complaining about teams like that.
#14lost973Posted 12/9/2012 2:47:28 AM faith in humanity is already lost, I don't need it further diminished. I have all voice com blocked.

It seems that all but 10% are obnoxious ___________(fill in the blank)

we can't have nice things :(
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I try to play with friends, but when they're not on I dont usually put on my mic.

Tonight I actually did and played with some cool dudes a few times, and then met some wicked funny kids who I played like 10 games with and won most of them and now we're friends. Its pretty cool how easy it is to bond over Halo when people are in nice and in a good mood

Of course you'll run into dicks here and there, but theres so many micless people nowadays that I feel like its usually now either silent or a couple chill people chatting.
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SoldierOnMyOwn posted...
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

I basically said quit whining,mute the annoying people, and move on with your life. :)
#18VaharPosted 12/9/2012 7:48:15 AM
I also rarely talk cuz i never see people on my team with mics, if they do then theyre in a party. Im always up for makin new friends tho so if your looking to play halo just for fun, talk and get crazy then add me

GT: Vralraz
#19ramzariotPosted 12/9/2012 7:56:41 AM
I tend not to wear a mic. I really do not like hearing a near constant stream of crude terms.
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People tend to regress when they lack the social cues that come from real-life interaction.
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