Name people that can beat master chief in a fight.

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Ryu Hayabusa
Batman with preparations.
Snake Eyes
Rumble and Frenzy
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GG John.
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BlackBlazeQ posted...

I think even krillin can beat master chief lol
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WingZero0782 posted...
zuliuz posted...

Asura can destroy Goku.

MC can easily beat Noble Six.

If Goku made Asura's daughter cry, Asura would rofldestroy Goku.
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Anderson Silva
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darealest47 posted...
BlackBlazeQ posted...

I think even krillin can beat master chief lol

Any DB character after training with Roshi wrecks him.
Is there... still a fight?
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From: Ultrachao | #067
tarzanmx posted...
Also: Didn't Doomguy lose to the chief in one of those ScrewAttack Deathbattles?

Yeah but it's complete nonsense. Chief's shield can't withstand a full BFG blast (to be fair, not much can). Even if it saved him from the direct impact (being generous here but it's reasonable enoough) he'd still get splattered by the tracer rays that follow immediately after.

The bubble shield protected him, and if the bubble shield can stop a wraith mortar, which is also plasma, then it can stop the BFG.
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The didact
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Master Chief confirmed to be the weakest organism of all time.
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