Everyone who got Crimson Pack FREE will have it locked on the 18th

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Smashingpmkns posted...
When did I ever say that I deserve it? I'm saying, realistically, they aren't going to lock it because it is literally impossible to track. Why do you think you deserve a refund when you knowingly bought something that is non-refundable? Jeez.

Because the map pass was advertised as a discount. The customer wasn't purchasing the maps, as they weren't available yet. What the customer was purchasing was a discount, only to find out later, that not only did they not pay a discounted value, they actually paid more for the product than everybody else. If the customer does not get a discount, Microsoft violated the contract of sale. Because the contract of sale was violated, the customer could theoretically sue for a full refund, but that would be ridiculous and counterproductive.
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I swear this is the theme song for most of the trolls on this board
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I would assume that all of the events that happened prior to this topic would verify "how lazy they are."
It's digital money, good luck getting a refund. Especially when it says on the card, and in the actual ToS of Xbox Live, that there are no refunds for any digital transactions. You can personally bother the hell out of a customer support person to the point where they will give you points back, but there will never be a widespread official refund.

They've had widespread official refunds for items before that said "non-refundable".

Okay. Like what?


Seriously the only example out of the 5+ years the system has been out and that is because a huge portion of the game was unplayable to a massive amount of players who bought the game, and it couldn't be fixed through an update. Is your game broken now that I am able to play the maps for free?

Oh, so now you are asking for a more specific example, nice backpedaling... Work for Microsoft?

Edit: In fact they did something similar when Undertow was free briefly, people were able to call in to Microsoft and get a refund if they had purchased it a certain date before it was made free.
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If I got them for free, I deserve them as much as anyone else. They messed up. Not me. Come the 18th, if I don't have my map pack (I don't know how they could take it away anyway) I'll be contacting my lawyer.
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If I recall the ToS correctly, it basically says that MS can do whatever the **** they want.
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Thanks for saving me some money Microsoft by allowing me to play these terrible maps for free. I'd be pissed if I bought them.
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Xavier-Horovitz posted...
If I got them for free, I deserve them as much as anyone else. They messed up. Not me. Come the 18th, if I don't have my map pack (I don't know how they could take it away anyway) I'll be contacting my lawyer.

>Your map pack
>Didn't pay for something advertised as 800MS points

But seriously. I would LOVE for you to get your lawyer involved with MICROSOFT, over something you essentially stole, on a service where you had to agree that they could take away whatever, whenever.

Let me know how that goes for you, bro. I'll be dying with antici..... pation
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im gonna be annoyyed if they take my map pass free download because they thought I just didnt pay for it.....
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So, question, and I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up in 9 pages of topics:

What about people who already got a refund? Assuming they were telling the truth, several people on this board have gotten a refund because the maps were offered free. Now if they take the maps away from the free people AND the people who got refunds get to keep them, then those people with the refunds are getting free money and ARE getting the maps for free, despite MS's best efforts to take it away from people who simply DL it for free. How are they handling this?
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SeraphLance posted...
Nobody is going to get a refund (unless MS decides to cave in to specific callers or something).

We all know they're backpedaling, but it's on the freaking waypoint news bulletin that it's getting locked on the 18th. Arguing that they can't do anything is pretty hollow at this point, as it's clear they have their **** together.

as it's clear they have their **** together

they have their **** together

I don't think that it's clear at all and that's the only thing I care about. I don't care about paying for it but the thought that MS is going to have to organize and pull off this "trial" makes me worry. Sure it might be easy, but everyone thought the Specializations would be easy, and that the LE/Map pack unlock would be easy.

MS "fixing" this problem is only another chance for them to F something else up.