People hated Halo Wars because it involved a higher level of thinking.

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Extraspectre posted...
I didn't hate it.

I just wasn't that good. It's babies first RTS.

Halo Wars was babies first RTS, so damn watered-down. Command and Conquer 3 is a real RTS, along with Red Alert by extension, though RA is too goofy for me to enjoy it like good ol 3.

There are much better RTS's on the current gen on consoles than Halo Wars. You can't even garrison buildings to set up perimeters on HW, Command and Conquer offers so much damn depth, you've never played a tough 1v1 until you have played some good C&C opponents. PC guys have it made though, they get all the great RTS's.
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I didn't hate it, just didn't care about it because my lack of interest in RTS games.
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