Which AA do you use and why?

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4 years ago#51
Regen Field/YThrusters depending on my mood/who I'm playing with.

Stealth for Ragnarok. Since I like to be a dirty dirty sniper on that map.
4 years ago#52
empireoffire posted...
Auto Sentry, for the laughs.

Cheap damage is a plus.

Auto Sentry for this and for distracting.
4 years ago#53

Because if you position it over a corpses head it will teabag for the rest of its duration.
GT - Athleticgravy
4 years ago#54
Hologram. I've assassinated many a would-be assassin with it, it's awesome.
4 years ago#55
Auto sentry works really well as a distraction.

People get jumpy the moment anything attacks them, however weak it may be.
6 MONTHS!? Jesus that's a long attention span... I'm lucky if I can pay attention for more than
4 years ago#56
When Im playing against scrubs? Vision

When I play against my equals, or my go-to ability? Holo

When I play against better people? Thruster
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4 years ago#57
Spent time tooling around with Hologram and Active Camo, but went back to PV. People adapt to Hologram, and Active Camo really doesn't support the faster gameplay in Regicide IMO. PV works best for me since my main game type is Regicide and most of the maps on it are on the smallish medium side anyways with the exception being Complex.

Gonna start using Jet Pack, that's about the only other one I could see having some use for me.
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