What do you listen to while you play?

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Stupid ass people talking all around me while I try to concentrate on my muted game.


Life's a ***** when you have a wife and kids.

this...and also having them run in front of my screen. or try to "talk" as soon as i boot the game up.

Yeah, stupid kids wanting attention. If only there was a way you could not have them if you didn't want them...

I love my kids, and I would never trade them for anything in the world (But don't tell them that, I want them on their toes). Kids don't need your 100% attention all the time, that's how you get spoiled kids and, later in life, piece of **** adults. When a child becomes old enough, 3-5 years old, they need to learn independence, it's just a normal thing.

So don't think I'm ignoring my children, just sometimes kids can go play themselves in their room. Hell, that's why the wife and I decided on two kids and not just one. If you ever have children, believe me, you're opinion will change.

I wasn't saying you don't love your kids. It's just I don't think you should be frustrated at the expected.

either you don't have kids or you have more patience than 99.9% of the human race
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From: tai2687 | #040
Professor Elemental.

Fighting Trousers really gets me in the proper head-space for rough housing.

Who doesn't really?
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Chief Keef and Lil B

love based fam
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I'll tell you that I definitely don't listen to any chat sound at all anymore. The community of Halo has apparently turned into COD trash with the vocab of a gnat. Most immature people I've ever played online with, by far.

I listen to iHeart radio sometimes.
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Anything girugamesh-based.
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sts9/lotus/conspirator/disco biscuits

I literally listen to all of this exactly when I play. This guy is da best.
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Wow some people in here have a terrible taste in music.
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BANDlCOOT posted...
Wow some people in here have a terrible taste in music.

You say that like you're surprised
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I felt tempted not to reply just cause bandicoot topic, but...

Draw the emotional, sound holic, Liz triangle. Stuff like that. Their harder stuff.
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Iced Earth
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