Headless/ armorless glitch???

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4 years ago#11
BJW1990 posted...
MrFish86 posted...
I added the video to my fileshare. When you look for "Mr Fish 68" it's the video called "Headless Hacks."

I searched your file share, but the only thing on it was a clip called "HAIL MARY!".

blame 343 and their fs.
4 years ago#12
MrFish86, you are probably better off uploading it to youtube on account of the File share system not working like it is supposed to.
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4 years ago#13
can someone post the link tohis file share? I can't even find anything on this damned 343 website.
my reaction when i see a brony.
4 years ago#14
Sahduk posted...
r u calling mr fish a liar mr fish is the nicest person how dare you sir

No, I'm letting him know that the file did not successfully upload to his file share.
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