Just seen a funny video in Swat.

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Here's a link to where they got it from [snip] I did it as a cached page so that it won't auto-download but it's 100% a mod.

I'm not sure posting links like that is allowed here.

Interesting, though, how there are these communities that hack and glitch games. It's unfortunate, but just like the underworld of drugs and crime, it is very interesting. Terrible... but interesting.


I don't think it's a violation since It's a link to a cached page, essentially a picture of that actual page itself. if you do a bing search for "Halo 4 Armorless glitch) it comes up as the first match, But if you click it it tries to start a download.

Cached page or not, it is still opening someone up to the possibility of eventually downloading said hack/glitch/cheat. I'm no expert on moderation, and I have been modded quite a few times, but... I don't know. If I were a moderator, I definitely would enforce the avoidance of posting links to sites that offer cheats and glitches.

It's like saying "It's all right to post a link to generichackwebsite.moo since it's the first thing you search for when blah blah blah".

Edit: I think I see what you're saying. Since it's a cached page, it's not the actual link. Am I correct? Because the problem with that lies in the fact that the actual link is on the top of the page D:
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