Hey Casuals :)

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lmfao so many problems w/ this game n casuals are worried about dmr rof lol sad

its just the most apparent besides Boltshots range and weapon despawning too fast

how about this... if you had one wish, and your wish HAD to be to nerf the DMR Rof or make it so the boltshot HAD to charge up all the way before it could fire...which would it be?
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What is a casual?
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Crutch weapons will always be popular with the community. Always have and always will.
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DSquarius posted...
See, she gets it.

SAW RoF w/ sniper rifle precision.

Who wouldn't love that?
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Fun fact, the DMRs RoF does not need a nerf.
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I think it needs its stopping power removed. same with other precision guns.

Generally i think that this gun is way to easy to use at all ranges. especially long range. Remember how everyone complained that the BR was to powerful and dominant in Halo 3? Well that sucker was much harder to use at long range. It had no stopping power, the cross hair was bigger and strafing was much easier on Halo 3.

Compare that to the DMR at long range. It's a joke.
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i think it needs to shoot faster and do more damage.

i want to make a video of me playing for 1 day. ill record all my deaths and id be willing to bet 99% of them are from the DMGUNFORBADKIDS.
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The DMR isn't the problem. Map size is the problem. If we had smaller maps in the spirit of H2/H3 you'd see a much more even spread of BR/DMR users. But now that every map is FREAKING HUGE then the gun with the most accuracy at long range wins and so DMR trumps all in most cases.
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