I wonder why they called it SWAT.

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Wow youre a jackass tc. I dont even care if i get modded for this.
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If you can't stand the heat stop watching the nfl
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Why is the game called Halo 4 when it has nothing to do with a Halo ring?

Why is the Covenant vehicle called a "Ghost" when it in no way resembles or acts like a ghost?

Why is one of the new UNSC guns called a "Railgun" when it doesn't actually operate like one?

The list goes on and on. The answer is because it sounds cool and nobody cares because it's just a name.
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Something crawled up your rear and died. You asked and someone answered. Get off your high horse and be thankful someone took the time to respond to your f'ing topic.
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TC needs to learn some manners.
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Watch, by the time chief is long gone, the Halo human race will be two fifths to being turned into Spartans.
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ITT kids crying bcuz they got there feeling hurt rotfl TREATED
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Sahduk posted...

No, manners is the right word. Manor has to do with like a Mansion.
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infamous3668 posted...
SWAT is a very old game type that started in like Halo 2... ODST was not a common term back then.

Indeed, SWAT is from the good ol' Halo 2 days, kinda like Tower of Power. Ah, the memories...
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