20k Free EXP?!?! Yeah, aight.

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4 years ago#11
Nice. I need this. Bought the game day one and still havent hit 50 lol
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4 years ago#12
Nice find thanks TC
4 years ago#13
Noobs -_-
4 years ago#14
Awesome, good post Slop. Much thanks.
Thank you for a funky time, call me up whenever you want to grind GT: SloanTBH
4 years ago#15
Yay level 48 now, almost to 50.

Is there any other cool unlockable stuff with that thing.
360 GT- eljuanandonly
4 years ago#16
Thanks for posting this man. I claimed it just a second ago.
#Halo 4
4 years ago#17
Much appreciated.
Sacred cow makes the best hamburger.
4 years ago#18
The internet, where common sense is a monumental achievement
4 years ago#19
I just started last Friday and am level 20 so I'm probably going to have a nice little bump after this
4 years ago#20
well that was helpful, thank you kind sir.
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  3. 20k Free EXP?!?! Yeah, aight.

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