20k Free EXP?!?! Yeah, aight.

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3 years ago#31
I dont get it, the symbols for the code you posted arent there when i try to enter it, TC. What's the rumpus?
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3 years ago#32
No problem guys. Enjoy.
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3 years ago#33
I typed it in and there is a thing that says "curious" and when I click on it it's a big symbol wtf
3 years ago#34
Yeah, that's how it works. The 20k is added to your H4 profile, the next time you gain experience after a match you will notice the +20k.
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3 years ago#35
and people say Sloppy is a troll, lol . Thanks for the code Sloppy but I'm already 130 :(
3 years ago#36
Went to the link, put in the code, played two matches and haven't seen it yet. Went to waypoint in my game, found the thing for it, tried to put the code in again and it said it was invalid. Any advice?
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3 years ago#37
We dont need your stupid 20k XP code! Get out of here!
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3 years ago#38
took me like 2 minutes to find the 3rd symbol in that code... im pretty thick or i need some coffee but its probably both

thanks! the grind to 50 is getting tedious. any suggestions on which specialization i should choose?
GT: Extract Hz
3 years ago#39
you are a gentleman and a scholar sir!
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3 years ago#40
Good find.
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