STICKY THIS - Halo 4 Map Callouts

#1rubixcube10Posted 12/24/2012 11:23:33 AM
I would love if everyone playing halo were on the same page on calling out information to teammates. If everyone had the same callouts on each map, teamwork could be established better and maybe more mic'd up people online yelling out these same callouts.

There basically callouts used by MLG players but that doesn't stop the rest of the community to use them too to make their game more competitive. Just check them out and give it a thought. Thanks

*Note: At the moment these are only for the original 10 maps.
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Thanks for this. Sending to my friends now haha
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Nobody cared the first time you posted this. There was no need to post it again. It's not gonna get stickied. If you wanna get it out there make a FAQ or something. Quit clogging the board with nonsense.
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No prob. Just help me keep this topic bumped up the boards. Thanks
#5rubixcube10(Topic Creator)Posted 12/24/2012 11:40:45 AM
quit clogging the boards with nonsense....dude have you seen this board. It is full of nonsense. Probably from you. Get real.

I made a new topic to show the title thread with Map Callouts. Grow up and pay it forward.
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after looking at your look below average. You should use the map callouts. Trust me friend...this will help you in the long run
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Someone's desperate for attention. >_>

Decent information for the small subset of players who care about this stuff, but it doesn't need a sticky.
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For a half-***** topic? No thanks.
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you guys are ridiculous....this is why Halo isn't great anymore. The community blows. No one wants to get better and have a competitive game. I know, play some big team maps get in a vehicle is what you guys do.

But for team slayer, CTF, need teamwork. Period. This is a reason why no one communicates online. They don't know how to call out a player. What's the sense in playing a team game and not communicate properly.

Am I a bad guy for trying to help the community to get on the same page with call outs??

Ridiculous for anybody to talk bad about this thread. I'm not seeking attention. Look at all my threads and you can tell that I average 1 thread per month. If you don't want to use it, then don't. But to comment on it negatively....go ahead and look at yourself in the mirror. You'll see pure garbage.
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Thanks, I was looking for these.
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