STICKY THIS - Halo 4 Map Callouts

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Stop ******* bumping, if it's died nobody cares, IMO all those callouts blow anyway.

NEGATIVE (that means NO). I will not stop bumping this up. The board is cluttered with garbage which is the result of it going down. The thread is not dead. No one needs to reply, they should just check it out.

Thanks for helping me keep this message up on top of the boards though with your worthless comment. Have fun playing Halo.

Nothing better than someone calling themselves Elite with a bunch of numbers in their gametag. That's the 1st sign to everyone that you stink.

Mate, at least I'm positive with a (slightly) win ratio over 50% (damn them randoms) feel free to look me up on HT, any my name was meant to be Love Muffen as a inside joke with a friend, however that being taken I had to settle, I don't consider myself elite nor do I care.
Now for ***** sake
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Bump. Happy New Year
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This is actually a pretty useful topic, thanks for the link TC.
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you guys are ridiculous....this is why Halo isn't great anymore. The community blows. No one wants to get better and have a competitive game. I know, play some big team maps get in a vehicle is what you guys do.

But for team slayer, CTF, need teamwork. Period. This is a reason why no one communicates online. They don't know how to call out a player. What's the sense in playing a team game and not communicate properly.

Am I a bad guy for trying to help the community to get on the same page with call outs??

Ridiculous for anybody to talk bad about this thread. I'm not seeking attention. Look at all my threads and you can tell that I average 1 thread per month. If you don't want to use it, then don't. But to comment on it negatively....go ahead and look at yourself in the mirror. You'll see pure garbage.

Probably the most butt-hurt I have seen on a board in months. Wow tc lol
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dude stop bumping this, no one gives a ****
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This would be useful if there were actually people online that used a mic... I only ever find them in my own parties.
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